Beach Holidays in Spain

Spain isn’t short of places to go on a beach holiday, but offers far more options beyond the usual overcrowded options in the Costa del Sol if you’re prepared to stray slightly from the beaten path.

Islas Cies, Galicia

This untouched island on the north coast of Spain is a world away from the likes of the Costa del Sol, offering ┬ávariety of beautiful and quiet beaches. It’s also a national park so isn’t open to being spoiled by hotels like other parts of the country. It can cater for all budgets though, with camping an option for those on a shoestring.

Playa de La Concha, San Sebastian

Often mooted as the best beach in Spain by locals, this oasis is situated just outside of the city centre but is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Due to its proximity it can be quite busy, but fortunately it is neighboured by some equally beautiful sands which you can select from if you can’t find somewhere to lay your towel. The nearby beaches are also great spots for kayaking and surfing if you want to get a little more adventurous.

Cabo de Gata, Almeira

This is the biggest coastal nature reserve in Andalucia and offers a coast full of towering cliffs and terrain not unlike the desert, in contrast to the coastal areas in the rest of the country. The turquoise waters couldn’t get much more inviting if they tried and you’ll be desperate to jump in if you visit in the height of summer when temperatures soar.

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