Car Hire

Spain is a fantastic place to explore by car, as it allows you to see areas of the country that you otherwise wouldn’t stumble across. There’s no experience quite like driving through the Pyrenees or along the Andalucian coast soaking up the stunning views.

Car hire in Spain is fairly straightforward, all you have to do is bring your driving licence from your native country and present it to the car hire company when you arrive. It’s worth also taking your counterpart paper section of the licence too, though most Spanish car hire companies are quite happy to send you on the road with as little as a handshake!

You can then set off on the Spanish roads and take whichever direction takes your fancy. Head along the coast, take the winding roads up into the hills or tackle the city centre traffic (I don’t recommend this to anyone!). Car hire gives you freedom, and in a country as diverse and exciting as Spain, it’s worth reaching for as much freedom as you can get.

car hire spain