Andalusia is a land of varied landscapes, friendly people and beautiful sunshine. With a mix of stunning cities like Seville, beautiful coastal towns like Cadiz and the flowing hills of the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia really is a dream destination for any visitor.

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach holiday the Andalusia has plenty of options:

  • Malaga, on the gorgeous Mediterannean coast
  • Costa del Sol, the popular spot for tourists
  • Costa de Almeira, a stunning city with a beautiful coast

almeira beach

But there’s more to Andalusia than the beaches. The region is home to some of the most spectacular cities in Spain, in particular Seville, many people’s favourite Spanish escape.

  • Seville, home of tapas, flamenco and bull fighting. Not to be missed.
  • Granada, visit the stunning Alhambra and many beautiful churches and cathedrals in this enchanting city.
  • Cadiz, packed with picturesque charm with cobbled streets winding through to small plazas

Once you’re ready to relax after the hectic pace (if you can ever say that in Spain!) of the bustling cities, you can head up into the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and breath in the mountain air. For skiers this place is a haven, in particular the well known resort of Monachil. It’s not all about skiing though, with the Sierra Nevada National Park providing a wide range of beautiful routes for walking, mountain biking or even horse riding. Stop off at eh quaint mountain villages en route, like Cajar, Gojar or La Zubia to get a view into the life of mountainous Spain.

sierra nevada mountain range

Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for Andalusia will come up with the goods. The only way to discover which is your favourite part is to come and visit!